Canada is the Right Home for Your Start-up.

Headquarter your company in Canada.

Immigrate as a Permanent Canadian Resident.

Utilize Canada's strong history in innovation and technology.

What is the Start-Up Visa Program?

The Canadian Start-Up Visa Program is a program targeted to immigrant entrepreneurs, and successful candidates will be granted permanent residence in Canada. If you are a founder of a technology Start-up and looking to move to Canada for business reasons, this program may be for you. 

Designated Organizations

8 Angel Investor Groups

25 Business Incubators

21 Venture Capitalist Funds

Designated organizations are business groups that are approved to invest in or support possible start-ups through the Start-up Visa Program. Launch Academy is one of many great designated organizations that can support your start-up. 

How Launch Academy Works with the Start-up Visa Program

Launch Academy is an early-stage tech incubator that provides entrepreneurs with mentorship resources, network and environment necessary to launch, grow, and expand their companies globally. We are a designated organization of the Start-up Visa Program and are currently working with a dozen different companies helping them root themselves in Vancouver, Canada. Companies who have been a part of our membership, LEAP International, or Maple Programs may be eligible to receive Start-up Visa Support through us. If you are new to Launch Academy's programs, our Maple Program is designed to work with those going through the Canadian Start-up Visa Program process.

Specifically, the Maple Program is created to aid international companies in their growth and expansion to Canada and North America through providing a landing pad with resources, mentorship, networking, and business matchmaking to overcome the challenges that occur when moving a business and family to Canada.